Monday, February 13, 2006

Tree-Huggers Take Heart

"This is genuinely exciting news (there's so little these days…). It looks like Sweden is preparing a plan to become an "oil-free" economy by 2020. . . .

" . . . Still, this is what a grown-up approach to energy policy looks like. Nothing mind-blowing. Nothing impossible. All you need is a government willing to act. The contrast between the Swedes and an administration that backtracks from even modest statements on ending our oil addiction—and then lays off 32 workers at the National Renewable Energy Lab because of a $28 million budget shortfall there—pretty much speaks for itself. Lucky us."

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Lummox said...

That does it. I'm moving to Sweden. I love their meatbalss and now this. There's just no reason to stay here after this.

Gobula said...

I believe you do know the king. Or was that Switzerland? I can never remember which country calls Hadrian king.