Monday, February 19, 2007

Session 53

Outside the door, a clash of metal on metal sounded. Unexpected, so soon. Satau hurried away from his experiment and went into a familiar trance-like state. His mind quickly relaxed as he scryed the passages outside of his chamber. Chymon was dead. A rabble of adventurers lurked around a corner as one of the purplecloak patrols played knucklebones casually.

A ball of orangish red, no larger than a grapefruit, zips into their midst. "Insteresting, they seem more than novices," Satau thought. Chaos erupted a few seconds later, with the patrol engulfed in flame.

"Enough of this, I have preparations to make," Satau thought. He quickly shut his study door, leaving his clone alone in the darkness. The clone would leap into action if he faced mortal peril, at least Satau hoped so. He tapped a clear crystal wand against his arm and said a command word, then disappeared into the darkness, waiting.

Congratulations on defeating the dragon and the mind flayers. I'm a little surprised no one died. I tried. At our current pace, I'm doubtful we can finish the campaign by May. So we'll have to step it up a little. Less non-game chatter will help.

It seemed like Leelu did a lot of the work early on, then Aerin, Degolar, and Torias did a lot late. I realize some of that's because Leelu and Lummox were stunned for most of the mind flayer combat. I'd like to see a little more out of Kilminsk, though.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Saturday. What went well, what didn't. Dragons and Mind Flayers are probably some of the hardest bad guys to run, so please tell me how I can improve. And thanks to Torias for reminding me about mind blast.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

This week on DM Kills Party.. I mean, D+D Session 53.

After selling loot in town, the party faces the black stone doors of the Outer Fane. Inside, they’ll discover the elite, if large, hairy and repellant, Purple-Cloaked Guards of Tharizdun, who can drop opponents in a single round from their greataxes; a deadly run-in with a dangerous outsider and his decorations; and an encounter even Smaug wouldn’t relish.