Friday, September 19, 2008

Fair warning

Lummox has spent the majority of the last three days sleeping off his cocktail of prescription drugs. The odds are looking poor for his recovered health by Saturday, unless someone's sitting on a real life Lesser Restoration.

Anyone? Anyone? Please?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Thursday, September 04, 2008


When shall we few meet again?
Saturday, Sept. 6
Saturday, Sept. 20
Saturday Night Fever, We Know How to Move It.
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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Saturday, September 6

So, I'm an idiot, meant to talk about this at S&S and promptly got drunk instead! Buuuut, Degolar is unable to make it this next weekend when we were thinking of playing again, which leads me to ask...since we just all were together and tied up last weekend, do you guys want to play Saturday and we'll catch Degolar up, or wait another 2 weeks and put us back on our regular rotation for September 20th?

There's still a *lot* of the castle left (we covered about 5 out of 80ish rooms) so we won't be just ending as soon as Degolar gets back, but I sort of feel bad about not having him with us for 2 in a row so I leave it up to a vote! And don't ask me to do a poll, I have no idea how to do that!

Sake-chugging DM

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

After Action Review

Well, the 4e experiment went off pretty well-- Considering none of us know the rules and I am an extremely inexperienced DM. Contrary to our pre-game plans we actually ended up running an actual adventure. I had thought we would do the adventure that is in the DMG, but we didn't have any maps for that to do the combat on, so I just said "screw it" and we started Keep on the Shadowfell. Details on the campaign setting to follow. To those of you who were not there and would like to play some future 4e, fret not, because I'm intending to make this a persistent campaign world, and there will be opportunities in the future. Besides, it will make it easier for everyone if a few of us get the rules down pat in advance. That being said...

The eladrin wizard Vindaris, his tiefling warlock companion Achemenwhatever, and the busty human warrior Gwenn, along with their personality deficient companions, Yasir, half-elf cleric of Pelor, and Nasir, the halfling rogue, set out upon the King's highway from Fallcrest in search of their mentor Douven Stahl, an arcanist and expert on the folklore of the Nentir Vale (a back country area formerly part of the Empire of Nerath). Along the way they encountered many kobold brigands, whom they dispatched with extreme prejudice. Arriving at the small village of Winterhaven, they learned that Douven had set out some time ago for a purported dragon burial ground rich with treasure to the southeast of the village. They also learned that trade to the village had been disrupted by the kobold activity along the King's Highway, and accepted a commission from Lord Padraig of Winterhaven to deal with the Kobold menace, preferably with a high degree of unnecessary violence. The intrepid adventurers set out from Winterhaven in the general direction of the dragon burial ground and the suspected lair of the kobold bandits. Along the King's Highway, however, they were once again ambushed by a kobold raiding party. Easily dispatching the kobold wyrmpriest that led the party (too easily as it turns out), the group returned to Winterhaven to rest, refit, and further plan their foray to the dragon burial ground and kobold hideout.