Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

I hear, the secrets that I keep...

Hey, you know what would be fun?

Not having to listen to you for once.

Besides that. You should let me out to play and I can do some exploring for you. That way, you and your fellow do-gooders will know what is ahead and won’t have to worry so much.

Yeah, and then you can get into trouble and bring a hoard of beasts and monsters down upon the rest of the group while they sleep and make them have to lose sleep to fight some horror they weren’t expecting and then blame it all on me while you squirrel yourself away in my brain somewhere, safe from the repercussions. No thanks.

You know what you need?

Some uninterrupted sleep?

No. You need some worthwhile, visceral experience. You need to get yourself dirty and explore your adventurous side a little.

Oh, you mean by fighting slews of monsters and trying to save a village from an overwhelming evil?

You sure are cranky when you don’t get your sleep.

You think?

*Sigh* Fine. Sleep then. Maybe I can take over and get some experience of my own.

You wouldn’t dare… Reik? You wouldn’t do that to us. Would you? Reik? Answer me. Oh gods in the heavens. (and so E has another fitful night of unfulfilling sleep)

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Return of the Sun

Walking back down the stairs from the peak of the tower, you pause to consider the shattered rubble of the Dayheart piled on the ground in the center of the floor when you notice a strange light being reflected on the broken facets of the great stone. Turning to find what the source of this light is, you are greeted by a vision unseen in these past weeks since coming to the lands of Barovia...the unclouded and bright gleam of the rising sun, peeking almost shyly over the crenelations of the atrium upon which the devil's garden grew. As the sunlight grows stronger and touches the twisted man-shapes of the trees in the garden, they begin to wither and dissolve like icemelt, emitting almost silent sighs as the souls of those trapped within are finally released.

However, even as the restored sunlight begins to burn off the long-standing mists that shrouded the valley below, their evaporating wisps remind you that though driven off in a gaseous cloud, the Master of Ravenloft still dwells in its dark depths, waiting for you, and filled with hate.

(for your part in lifting the fearful curse from the lands of Barovia, you instantly gain 1 level, putting you at 1 xp into your next level.)