Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Next Game Date

Well, looking at things, the 22nd really won't work for me, so...

Friday after Thanksgiving?
Saturday after Thanksgiving?
Saturday December 6th?

Let the conflicts pour in!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An Uneasy Alliance

Gazing at the fleshy, disturbingly humanoid trees rooted into the stone of her garden here in the castle, Khyristrix grinds her pointed teeth in frustration at not being able to take supreme satisfaction in these, her efforts of the past decades. Gazing out across the tops of the surrounding mountains, she once again reigns in the desire to simply leave, and let her garden spread far and wide beyond the mountains, knowing that without Strahd's protection and the grounds he has given over to her, she would be unable to cultivate such well-grown specimens.

Cursing the need to venture to the Material Plane to find suitable specimens for her garden, she again ponders how she might be able to obtain more interesting subjects for her garden, as the villagers provided by Strahd and his minions don't bring out the true beauty of her creations as well as mortals that are a bit more...spirited.

Game continues Saturday night (the 8th) at my place, and the couch is all yours E.

DM (Dominus Maximus)