Friday, August 22, 2008

The Experiment

So, who is in for some basic 4e combat to play with the system next Saturday night? Aerin has volunteered his facilities for the festivities so we won't have to use a park bench.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

And Lest We Forget...

... Happy Belated Birthday little sucker! 3 Years!

Purchases, Made and Unmade...

Well, as my previous post indicated, I've been spending a lot of time recently with the 4e rules. And, despite my earlier misgivings, finding a lot to like. In fact, I'm starting to get quite excited about running some 4e. Today I bought a 4e DM's screen--not because I care so much about screening die rolls, but more for the handy collected information printed on the back. Screens can save a lot of page flipping. I also gave serious thought, serious thought, to purchasing the 4e Forgotten Realms book. Apparently they've made a lot of changes to the Realms --and, consequently, pissed off a lot of setting loyalists in the process--but I've never played a FR game and aside from the Icewind Dale trilogy and a several early 90's issues of the DC FR comic, I haven't read that much in it either. In short, I'm not invested in the setting, and any changes they've made aren't going to tick me off. Besides, I was planning on running 4e homebrew so the FR book would just be a handy resource for extra creatures, settings, and magic items. In the end I didn't get it though, mainly because it is a campaign setting, and I've been planning on making my own. But, like all D&D books it was a beautiful volume and hard to turn down ($39.99 made it easier to turn down). It might still find its way into my library in the future, we'll see. I have the first two 4e modules to run in a homebrew campaign-- we'll see how that works out before making any further campaign setting decisions.

In other exciting news, Pathfinder is now in Beta release, so waste no time in heading over to Paizo and downloading your free, that's right-- free .pdf. One year of play testing of the rules before the final edition is released in August of 09. Check it out and see what you think of version 3.75. (which, as I'm sure I mentioned before is the likely rules set for our future Ptolus campaign). Also new from the folks at Paizo is the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, which I can't wait to get my hands on. Ok, I may wait to get my hands on it since I'm investing myself in 4e for the moment, but I really like the world of Golarion (I think of it as "the new Greyhawk"), and am looking forward to reading the book.

Wow, I really need to get a life.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, I had had my doubts, but over the last couple of days I’ve spent a lot more time looking at 4e, and I have to say, my interest in it is rising. I think one of the things that had initially turned me off is that certain options just weren’t available. For instance, a Marid- style fighter just isn’t supported by the rules-set—at least as far as I can tell.

However, I do think the new rules are simpler, and that might be a refreshing change. So, I’m going to forge ahead with my original plan of running a 4e game. I’ve got the first two 4e modules, and I’ll be looking at working them into a homebrew campaign setting. As far as Ptolus goes, well, that can wait until I’m back in KC permanently, and it can also wait until the Pathfinder rules are playtested and finalized sometime next year (ditto for Rise of the Runelords, and besides the Captain© has expressed an interest in running some Golarion adventures as well...). So, the question becomes—when?

Here’s my plan. If anyone is available the night before Sake and Samurai, I thought we might get together to just play with the 4e system—just run through some basic combat, probably the encounters in the DMG—not start an adventure or campaign. Then, on some weekend TBD, I can come into town and start the adventure, and maybe we can schedule a time over Christmas to get in a couple of games. Of course, we need to figure out exactly who will be playing (we need to keep it manageable).

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Next Game

So tonight went pretty well, we spent some money in town, picked up some info, got Naaran's new arm, and entered the basement of the castle and had a few interesting fights. If someone would like to pass on the events of the evening to Oban that would be great, as I'd rather him hear it from a player perspective than a DM one :P

As to next time we talked around the table and everyone seems cool with September 6th, the weekend after S&S. Does this work for you Degolar? The weekend before S&S is a no go for a lot of folks so this would be the best date if it works for you, just let me know.

Good night all,


Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Question...

When it comes to RPG's, I'm like a little kid at the buffet. Everything looks good and I want to try it all. (Nevermind that I haven't had time to play, let alone try to run a game for the last couple of years). Consequently, I end up overextended with the different games, adventures, campaign settings, etc. that I want to run. For instance, as I've discussed before, I've got Ptolus, Rise of the Runelords, and 4e-- not to mention D20 modern and Hollow Earth Expedition, and a slew of standalone 3e/3.5 modules. Long story short, it's too much to plan. There's just not enough time to do it all.

So, how upset would everyone be if I backed out on my pledge to DM the first 4e game? Not that I've definitely decided to, but honestly, I'm more excited about Rise of the Runelords and Ptolus. I have the first two 4e modules which I could pass on to someone else if they wanted to run a 4e game.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


If you get a chance, can you pass your character sheet along to Leelu to bring with on Saturday? Regardless of what we end up doing that way its handy and I can just keep track of it for a lil bit until you return.

That ok?


Back to Ren Fest

My schedule's filling up quick. If anyone wants to commit to a date, I could go Sep 27, Sep 28, Oct 11, or Oct 12.

A hag's last words, and Saturday night

Well, this wasn't exactly how I wanted to post my pregame teaser, but in light of Degolar's sudden change of plans I'll save the blurb for lower down in my post. My personal preference as DM, is to continue forward. There are a few details in town to attend to and then the entry into the ground floor of the castle will probably take most of the evening, and from a roleplaying standpoint I'm not sure that it will be Oban's night to shine. Not that the live Oban and more importantly Degolar himself would not be missed mightily, but I totally understand the unforseen conflict. To make it up to you though, I do have something dancing in the back of my mind that I think would come up in the game following, or possibly the next, depending on which way the party goes, that would give Oban a greater reason for his place in things. Scott, if he's free could play the role of our short companion, or I could take the role for him for the evening as well, I've done the DM and character thing at the same time thing more than once in the past. I'll await a mob screaming for my blood and burning me in effigy any time now though :D Just lemme know your thoughts.

Now on to the blurb. A quick note about it. As we broke last time we (me) were pretty sleepy so I sort of spat out some stuff about the Ecatarine Husk that while technically true, wasn't complete or roleplayed in the slightest; mostly so you would have a stopping point to start at the castle this game, but I think it would behoove you to see a bit more of the action after the hag/saint died, to prepare you, and to give you some clue as to the future.

This presumes that you returned to down and asked after what the hag hinted at with her dying words, that you would need to take their combined heartstones to the 'Ecatarine Husk' in order to break Strahd's hold on the land for good. After asking about you make your way to Raerin, the blind priest of St Cuthbert, who relates the following:

The aged cleric leans back in his seat, brow furrowing over closed, sightless eyes, "Madam Eva...was one of the hags that blighted our land. I would not have guessed it. We all had thought she was one of the Vistani, come from outside lands to Barovia, but it turns out she had been here all along, eh? The more I consider it, the more the truth of the matter becomes more clear. Were I a psychic of the notable power that the villagers granted her, I certainly would not have come to so dark a land as ours! Plus, living on the outskirts of the Vistani encampment would have allowed her easy access to slip away in the night to haunt the land or return to her former shrine."

"It is just another crime Strahd has to answer for, corrupting those three poor souls who's existence was dedicated to the protection of this region's lands. The more I consider her final words the more my old memory dredges up. The library over in the temple of the Raven had been the most extensive in the area, excepting the one I presume Strahd keeps in the castle. Before the light left my eyes, I had read through the bulk of the temple's collection, and I seem to recall there being something...the phrase 'Ecatarine' stirs a mote in my mind. Unfortunately, with Danovich's madness, I'm afraid he destroyed or allowed to fall to ruin most of the tomes in his possession. I had the remainder brought here by my acolytes after you dealt with poor Danovich and the twisted abomination he had made of his son's body. You are all welcome to go through it if you choose for more clues regarding the saint's final words."

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Last Minute Cancellation

I unexpectedly have family from out of town coming to visit this weekend and will have to miss the game. I'm sorry to do this, but it's not every day I get to see them. Feel free to go ahead without me. I can give Leelu my character sheet if Scott wants to run him or something.

On a related note, our following game falls on Labor Day weekend. I also have plans for the weekend that will prevent my participation that night. I'm thinking for that one we have enough time to reschedule, though.