Thursday, August 07, 2008

A hag's last words, and Saturday night

Well, this wasn't exactly how I wanted to post my pregame teaser, but in light of Degolar's sudden change of plans I'll save the blurb for lower down in my post. My personal preference as DM, is to continue forward. There are a few details in town to attend to and then the entry into the ground floor of the castle will probably take most of the evening, and from a roleplaying standpoint I'm not sure that it will be Oban's night to shine. Not that the live Oban and more importantly Degolar himself would not be missed mightily, but I totally understand the unforseen conflict. To make it up to you though, I do have something dancing in the back of my mind that I think would come up in the game following, or possibly the next, depending on which way the party goes, that would give Oban a greater reason for his place in things. Scott, if he's free could play the role of our short companion, or I could take the role for him for the evening as well, I've done the DM and character thing at the same time thing more than once in the past. I'll await a mob screaming for my blood and burning me in effigy any time now though :D Just lemme know your thoughts.

Now on to the blurb. A quick note about it. As we broke last time we (me) were pretty sleepy so I sort of spat out some stuff about the Ecatarine Husk that while technically true, wasn't complete or roleplayed in the slightest; mostly so you would have a stopping point to start at the castle this game, but I think it would behoove you to see a bit more of the action after the hag/saint died, to prepare you, and to give you some clue as to the future.

This presumes that you returned to down and asked after what the hag hinted at with her dying words, that you would need to take their combined heartstones to the 'Ecatarine Husk' in order to break Strahd's hold on the land for good. After asking about you make your way to Raerin, the blind priest of St Cuthbert, who relates the following:

The aged cleric leans back in his seat, brow furrowing over closed, sightless eyes, "Madam Eva...was one of the hags that blighted our land. I would not have guessed it. We all had thought she was one of the Vistani, come from outside lands to Barovia, but it turns out she had been here all along, eh? The more I consider it, the more the truth of the matter becomes more clear. Were I a psychic of the notable power that the villagers granted her, I certainly would not have come to so dark a land as ours! Plus, living on the outskirts of the Vistani encampment would have allowed her easy access to slip away in the night to haunt the land or return to her former shrine."

"It is just another crime Strahd has to answer for, corrupting those three poor souls who's existence was dedicated to the protection of this region's lands. The more I consider her final words the more my old memory dredges up. The library over in the temple of the Raven had been the most extensive in the area, excepting the one I presume Strahd keeps in the castle. Before the light left my eyes, I had read through the bulk of the temple's collection, and I seem to recall there being something...the phrase 'Ecatarine' stirs a mote in my mind. Unfortunately, with Danovich's madness, I'm afraid he destroyed or allowed to fall to ruin most of the tomes in his possession. I had the remainder brought here by my acolytes after you dealt with poor Danovich and the twisted abomination he had made of his son's body. You are all welcome to go through it if you choose for more clues regarding the saint's final words."

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