Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Gobula recently posted some WoW screenshots, inspiring me to do the same, whether you're interested or not. Here are a few choice ones:

Kaland (Hadrian's Azeroth alter-ego) arriving in Auberne on a dark and stormy night.

Taking the Gryphon to Booty Bay, and a rare sighting of the Goblin zeppelin.

Taunting the enemy in Westfall.

In front of the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Last to Go

Once upon a time Hadrian had the idea to start a blog with his D&D friends. Kelly and Scott were already members of the blogosphere, so he invited the rest of the group at the time to join this one. He named the blog after a shared D&D experience that had become a running joke and decided we would use our character names as aliases. It's interesting the way a simple decision like that can shape your future. I had created my character as something fun to try out in the game and didn't necessarily identify with him all that much, yet over time I have become Degolar and answer to that name without a second thought. Anyway, as we've all gotten more into our blogging the others have branched out. Peanut seems to be growing to an extent that he now dominates Leelu and Lummox's online life and Hadrian enjoys the consistently themed content at his other blog. The Cringing Goblin has generally gone from a shared endeavor to more of a solo one. It doesn't seem right for one person to dominate what should be a team effort, so I've finally decided to go off and start my own thing. As I'm sure you've noticed, I've pretty much posted whatever has been on my mind from lots of different realms and plan to continue doing so. That means it will be hard to determine whether a thought belongs more on this blog or the new one since I don't really plan on having a controlling theme for either. I'm guessing that most of my activity from now on will be at the new place, but I don't want to completely abandon this effort either. It's been too much fun. But, anyway, give it a look if you're interested.

Well I Guess I'm One

The MoJoBlog has been going through some of our government documents on how to spot a terrorist. Here are some of the characteristics of terrorists listed in the Texas Department of Public Safety Manual:

  • Focused and committed
  • Team-oriented and disciplined
  • Familiar with their physical environments
  • Employ a variety of vehicles and communicate by cell phone, email, or text messaging
  • Try not to draw attention to themselves
  • Look like students, tourists, or businesspersons
  • Travel in a mixed group of men, women, and children
  • Avoid confrontations with law enforcement
  • Use disguises or undergo cosmetic surgery