The Party:

Farland Dane

A gnome bard from a faraway land, Farland often beds down behind the bar of the Ghostly Minstrel where he is a welcome regular, and occasional performer.  His brief time in Ptolus has been filled with adventures both deadly and absurd.  As a member of another ill-fated adventuring party Farland was there the night the Cloud Theater nearly burned to the ground after an attempt on the life of Menon Balacazar's son, the poorly cast lead in "The Boy Who Could Sing."  Farland specializes in bawdy Dwarven drinking songs, loves a fine hat, and is suspicious of dogs and children.


The gnome cleric Tzakarac serves The Lady, a goddess of luck and chance.  Physically slight, even by gnome standards, Tzakarac relies on The Lady's grace and a roll of the dice to make his way through the world.  So far, doing so has kept him alive through almost unimaginable hardship. His actions appear random, mainly because they are.  He can often be found courting danger in some of Ptolus' seedier gambling dens. But then, for Tzakarac, a night of gambling isn't just fun, it's a religious duty. 


The human rogue Harumi hails from a distant and exotic land.  Why she has made her way to Ptolus is a bit of a mystery, but a recent run-in with some bounty hunters indicates that she might not have come to Ptolus simply to see the sights. Harumi is adept at disguise and is an accomplished acrobat who uses her skills to attempt to make a living entertaining the citizens of Ptolus by performing on street corners. Those skills have also proven useful in some of the more dangerous activities that Harumi has found herself engaged in since joining the group.


The human Draygon is a bit uncultured.  Some might even say that he's a barbarian.  He hails from the East and the great forests north of Tarsis.  His people settled there after they crossed the mountains to sack the Eastern reaches of the Empire.  Draygon has come to Ptolus with a two-fold purpose: to find a missing clansman, and to grow in his devotion and service to the god Lothian.  Draygon has forsworn the ways of combat of his ancestors to spread the light of Lothian with divine magic and a sword as a Paladin of the martyred god.


A human fighter with an obvious passion for justice, Grace tries to keep her companions from crossing too many lines.  She is not above violence when the situation calls for it, but she goes out of her way to solve problems with words before solving them with her mace.  In a city like Ptolus, though, that is often a futile endeavor.  When it comes down to it, she is handy when you want to avoid a fight, but even handier when the time for talking is through.


The enigmatic half-elf social climber Bogan is a practitioner of the arcane arts.  He does not suffer fools wisely, and is not shy with his contempt for those who have no ambition.  Bogan is perhaps the most accomplished of the group in his ability to meet the right people, and even more so in his skill to know who the right people are.  More than that though, he is an accomplished sorcerer who is more than adept at controlling and dispatching the group's foes in a combat situation.

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