Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Crusty Dragon

As Lummox reclined in his chair at the corner table in the Crusty Dragon, his current "favorite" inn, he reflected on his days as an adventurer.  True, he still had plenty of years to go on new adventures, and it was also true that he had fallen out of contact with his former party members, but his memories still gave him things to ponder in his semi-retirement.

His red dragon scale armor had long since been put into storage as his now more rotund frame no longer fit the leathers.  His magical orbs were gathering dust over the hearth of his fireplace.  In fact, the only piece that he now carried from those days was his war hammer slung across his back and a couple of throwing daggers that Leelu had gifted to him upon their final goodbye.  He had gifted her with one of his favorite hand axes with a fire enchantment upon its edge.

But now that he had been left to his own devices, returning to the caves no longer held much thrill to him.  He soon moved from his comfy hole to a small lodge on the outskirts of the town of Golden Groves, a farming community known for their trade as well as their location that led to many new adventurers meeting and going off to make their fortunes.  He had hoped to join a party or two in his now ample free time, but had only picked up one or two odd jobs that piqued his interest.

He still daydreamed of his "glory" days and hoped that the damn bard had at least included him in a song that chronicled their adventures, though to this day one of the like had not graced his ears.  As he sipped at his ale, he said a small prayer to his friend Hadrian and stared off into the room.


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David Crowe said...

I thought this might be a continuing story with each person from our original party adding their own stories to the mix of what their characters are doing now.

Degolar said...

If you follow Degolar's blog - through-the-prism.blogspot.com - it seems he's been working as a librarian and has recently settled down with a wife and two young boys. ;-)