Thursday, January 17, 2008

Galvoran's History, Meta-game Style

Some of you may remember that you picked up Galvoran in Highfolk mid-adventure because you needed an arcane caster (and didn't care about the dead Druid, sniff). He was an apprentice at the magic shop in town. From an academic background, he had achieved 5th level purely through reading and laboratory work. He holds arcane knowledge in higher esteem than anything and thinks higher of himself as a specialist in arcane knowledge than he does most other people, but he has very little real world experience--he is a young, untested student who thinks he can learn anything he needs to from a book and those who don't have the wisdom to revere book learning aren't worth his time. He is an Evoker who specializes in fire. To see his worldview in action, read this.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A late-comer

"Forgive me for intruding, but I was delayed. I received a letter that an issue of dire importance required my assistance."

The green robed stranger stands by the group of travelers, gripping tightly to a letter that bears the seal easily recognized by those before him. From his neck hangs a wooden pendant of an intricately carved horizon.

"My name is Hestral. I am a follower of He who Wanders. I have traveled far to be here. May I take a seat?"

Monday, January 14, 2008

an adventure begins

Once a jewel in Ahlissa's crown, Prymp was fashionable for its 'Isle of Delights', a man-made city structure, held above the ocean by sturdy wooden timbers. The Isle was home to exotic courtesans, lavishly bedecked merchants, and thinly disguised nobility. The city was a hotspot for the rich and licentous of the Flanaess.

But the violence and poverty of the Greyhawk Wars wrecked much of the former Great Kingdom, Ahlissa and Prymp included. What now remains is a rotten husk of the debaucherous, indolent city. Prymp's outlandish income stream is all but dried up. The rich stopped coming. A new population found a home in the city's four districts. Refugees, poor and desperate. And another group, alchemists. Free from restrictions on their experimentation, alchemists set up shop in Prymp and proceeded to pollute the air and water with their craft. Toxic clouds and sludge poured from their factories. Tanners and butchers practice their trades without conscience, dumping their byproducts into the water outside their workplaces.

The port, a natural shelter from the rough weather of Relmor Bay, is now perpetually shrouded with a dirty miasma of smoke and vapor. The walls and roofs of buildings are covered with a greasy film, and the waters under the Isle are now befouled with sludge and sewage. In the eastern part of the city, the sludge has become so thick that the water doesn't flow, leaving that quarter's buildings hovering over rancid mud.

A band of adventurers has gathered at the Seven Knaves Tavern, a dank, mildew-laden alehouse in the High Quarter. The tavern is located in the once-prosperous seaside city of Prymp, in the Kingdom of Ahlissa.

The only thing tying the adventurers together is an urgent summons, delivered individually, only days ago. The summons author sits among the group. He is a swarthy, well groomed man, dressed in black and red leather armor. Except for the armor and his accent, the man looks singularly out of place in this now-squalid city.

Note. Please post something about your characters as soon as you can. (either in the comments, or as a new post). I want to know what you guys are planning!

Portions of this adventure are modified from Dungeon #121. I have modified these a bit, and I express no ownership over these materials.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

the adventure

So, I've got a quandary. The adventure I'm using is probably going to be too long for one session. How would you feel about two sessions? It would be 1/19 (sat) and 2/9 (sat). Theses dates are pretty inflexible. Does that work for everyone?

And, are you planning on playing? So far, I've got commitments from Degolar and Aerin, and a tenuous commitment from Leelu/Lummox. Kilminsk is out, and I'm assuming Hadrian is, too. What about Torias? Also, I'm thinking of inviting a new (to us) player.

Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

a bit of a tease.

A few things about the game. Hopefully you can all make it.

First, we'll be playing d+d 3.5 (big surprise).
Second, if you're making a new character, the party seems to have need of a healer-type.
Third. If you're making a new character, classes and races are restricted to those in the PH. Unless you've got a really good argument.
Fourth. Run your new character by me *before* the day of the game.

I'm hoping to post a little background in the next couple of days. But I can tell you that your characters will be in another part of the world, near Relmor Bay. And at least some of the adventure will take part in an urban setting.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Is this a dagger +1 I see before me?

Hot on the heels of Hadrian's teasing, I'd like to announce a game. It'll be at my place. Saturday, Jan 19. Greyhawk. We'll use your sidequesty characters from Highfolk. If you can't find, or don't want to continue your Highfolk characters, you can make a new character that's one level less powerful. Ask for more info.

I haven't decided which adventure we're going to be playing yet, but it'll be a one-time shot. Hopefully you can come!

I'm a Giant Tease

Because it's become apparent to me that there will not be a game anytime soon. Sorry about that. I'm a bit busier than I thought I would be... I just don't have the time to prepare. Besides, if I do get the chance to get to KC before classes start I'd rather just hang out than worry about getting a game together. (Though the odds aren't looking in favor of my getting there-- car trouble and cash flow issues...).