Sunday, August 20, 2006

Excerpts from the Journal of Galvoran

. . . wandered aimlessly through the woods for far too long with no real idea where we needed to go and only a vague idea of our goal. It’s not what I envisioned “adventuring” to be. I expected much more action and sense of purpose, not those endless hours of boredom. No maps to guide us or scrolls to consult; we didn’t even stop to research Philidor on our way out of town. Not at all what I am used to with my studies and learning. There I have always had the resources to puzzle out even the most complex problems, have known that if I persevered there would always be an answer. In this case it was as though everyone was blind with no apparent method to follow. I felt completely out of my element.

And for once I began to see the limitations of my chosen specialization. Fire is a beautiful, amazing force and I couldn’t see myself pursuing any other mastery, but I was left in this situation without the option of using my magic to divine anything helpful. I feel like a fool for taking so long to even realize that the spheres we latched onto for lack of a better plan were divination tools themselves. Finally I did, though, and that gave us a bit of direction.

Although I obviously have much knowledge yet to gain, I have to wonder how this odd assortment of ruffians managed to accomplish anything in the past without someone learned like myself to guide them. When the spheres led us to the clearing, it was I who had the insight to check the pillar for inscriptions, I who was able to decipher the inscription we found, I who riddled out a meaning from it, and I who had the ability to use the magic that would be the trigger . . .


. . . Ye gods! It is one thing to read about the size and power of a roc, another to actually confront it. And to have it head directly to me, seize me out of all the others, and carry me helplessly away! I am ashamed to admit this, but I realized later that I wet myself. Thank Boccob my wits did not entirely abandon me, for I was able to use my pyrotechny to make the creature regret it’s chosen prey. It flung me into the ravine, thinking to be rid of me. Again my foresight paid off, for the most recent spell I have added to my collection is one that enables me to fly for a period and I had already cast it upon myself. I found a safe place to catch my breath for a second, then reentered the fray to help my companions confront the beast.

That is when I had my second shock of the encounter. It seems with great size, strength, and fortitude comes the ability to shrug off some magics. If only I had been aware of this previously. But, alas, I wasn’t. I flung spell after spell against it, only to see them fizzle with no effect. I had even prepared a scroll that would have taken away its ability to fly. I wasted it needlessly and will now have to spend hours recreating it once I am back in a more civilized setting.

Eventually I was reduced to a more supportive role, empowering members of the party instead of attacking directly. Even so, the beast returned to attack me once again. Luckily it again tried to drop me to my doom and I was able to reach the party healer. That’s a magic I would dearly love to learn! Others were not as fortunate as myself, however. We ultimately succeeded in pestering the foul creature to death, but not before it shredded the life from the dark-skinned westerner and cast his limp body at our feet. While quite unnecessary at that point, it was a poignant reminder that this is not a game we are playing at, that I have finally left the library and laboratory behind . . .


scott said...

That's a great journal! I hope you keep it up! +100 XP.

Hadrian said...

oooooh, me likey