Monday, August 28, 2006

The Festival of the Blood Moon

Tomorrow is the 11th of Coldeven, a day known in shadowy circles throughout the Flanaess as the Festival of the Blood Moon. The day is sacred to worshipers of Nerull and a handful of other lawful-evil cults (including Incabulous, Pyremius, Syrul, Vecna, and dread Tharizdun). It is said that the conduits for communicating with these deities are at their most powerful.

This grim festival technically begins at sundown on the 10th and ends on the evening of the 12th. It commemorates the blood-red moon which appeared all over the Flanaess on this day in 294 CY. (Some sages postulated common volcanism as the source, but proponents dwindled quickly after several sages disappeared under mysterious circumstances.) Elaborate ceremonies are held in fell and shadowy places, many of which are grisly and unpleasant in the extreme, involving ritualistic human sacrifice. This festival is now honoured in Iuz' lands as well since the Wars, in mocking celebration of the surprise attacks which decimated the Heirarchs of Molag in 583 CY.


Degolar said...

Did you say festival? As in party? With song and dance, wine and women? I am so there.

Degolar said...

I'm sure the reason that explanation of the "holiday" sounds so much like a textbook is because Galvoran recited from memory some encyclopedia article he read for the party, hoping to impress them with his knowledge of world events.