Monday, August 21, 2006

Of Wannabes and Initiates

A quick note from the editor for our faithful readers. As the four O.G. (Original Goblins) have expanded into other blogs (and parenthood), this forum has floundered a bit for lack of an identity and purpose. While a bit of informal intent was there, a behind-the-scenes decision has finally been made. This blog is now our official Dungeons & Dragons blog. And perhaps the place for stuff too silly to put elsewhere. No hard and fast rules, really, just a general guiding principal. Anyway, expect more D&D related posts and less of everything else.

The biggest change to go with this decision is that we are inviting the rest of our party to join us as contributors. Dungeon Master Scott is the one who actually suggested the idea and has been the first new Goblin. I see now that new guy (Hadrian’s replacement since he has moved away for law school) Gobula has also just accepted the invitation. We’ll have to see about Torias and Aerin, neither of whom has much of a blogging history (that I know of), but I would think the temptation to join the Goblin fraternity would be too strong too resist.

And let me extend this official welcome to you, newbs. Feel free to leave an introductory post of some sort if you feel so moved.