Saturday, May 26, 2007


I hope no one minds, but I've edited the links sidebar. I figured the discussion of Moby Dick was stale enough for that one to go, and everyone knows where to find The Office, and General J.C. Christian, Patriot. In their stead I've added a couple of gaming links that I've stumbled across recently... after all this really is a themed blog now since we've all moved our general posts to other venues. Enjoy.

Monday, May 14, 2007

pre-session 57.

Greetings, everyone. I wanted to put the rubbery tentacles out there to leech some thoughts from your mind. How'd you feel about the game on Saturday? Just general information gathering. What did you like, what did you hate? How can I make the last few games sparkle?

Also, I'm thinking about June 16th for the next game. Does that work? My weekends are pretty booked in June, what with school and work.

And now, a little something that didn't make it into the game on Saturday:

The Blasted Yard. Like a scene from Hell itself, the interior of the crater is a dry, cracked yard of uneven volcanic rock. A hot, dry stench fills the air, burning the inside of your nose and mouth. At the center of this area, stands a black tower glistening with the dull sheen of iron. The walls of the crater rise up steeply about 200 feet into the air. The open sky is viewable overhead, but clouds are quickly forming.

(Spot DC 5). The tower is made of black iron reinforced with adamantine.

1. The Door. At the base of the black tower stands an adamantine door. It is carved in breathtaking detail, depicting the coming of a cloaked figure from a building in the sky. Rays silhouette the figure, and there are thousands of kneeling people on the ground.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

session 56

At the back of Hedrack's bedchamber, you find a cunningly concealed hidden door. The door slides silently open, revealing a dark room beyond. This room is mostly bare, save a slender black stone pedestal in the rear-middle of the room and a small niche carved in the wall to your right. On the niche are two containers. One is a wooden box. In the box is an archaic wooden key. The other container is a dark purple velvet bag. In the bag is what looks like a rounded skull made of silver.

The pedestal has nine indentions in a circle. Each indentation has a shallow channel that runs toward a larger indentation in the middle.

Inside the purple velvelt bag, shoved into one of the skull's eye sockets is a worn and folded sheet of tattered parchment. The parchment reads:

To reach the Inner Fane first you must succeed
Purple Mist needs fill the room
The vials do the deed.

Speak Tharizdun, Pure soul and let heart fall
Upon the blessed pillar
The tools of need will be revealed
In a secret cellar.