Wednesday, May 09, 2007

session 56

At the back of Hedrack's bedchamber, you find a cunningly concealed hidden door. The door slides silently open, revealing a dark room beyond. This room is mostly bare, save a slender black stone pedestal in the rear-middle of the room and a small niche carved in the wall to your right. On the niche are two containers. One is a wooden box. In the box is an archaic wooden key. The other container is a dark purple velvet bag. In the bag is what looks like a rounded skull made of silver.

The pedestal has nine indentions in a circle. Each indentation has a shallow channel that runs toward a larger indentation in the middle.

Inside the purple velvelt bag, shoved into one of the skull's eye sockets is a worn and folded sheet of tattered parchment. The parchment reads:

To reach the Inner Fane first you must succeed
Purple Mist needs fill the room
The vials do the deed.

Speak Tharizdun, Pure soul and let heart fall
Upon the blessed pillar
The tools of need will be revealed
In a secret cellar.


Jason said...

Using my blazing intellect (Aerin) I question if the secret cellar might not refer to this chest we're lugging around. How many more keys do we need? If its more than like, we might have to go back to that fountain with the cursed coins and see if there is a key around there.

Degolar said...

I'll just whip out my wand of puzzle solving . . .

scott said...

Excuse me while I whip this out. Seriously, though, your wand is so small that whipping it out is a free action. :D

Lummox said...

Heh. Nice one.

Gobula said...

Don't we know that this thing we are lugging around contains a sword?

Lummox said...

We know that NOW.

Gobula said...

Hey, I am very proud of myself for remembering something.

Lummox said...

We all are sweety, Such a big boy!

Please don't kill me.