Sunday, December 09, 2012

A Prayer to The Lady

Oh Great Lady, Bringer of Luck, you who have seen me through more long shots and last chances than Chance permits, who has taught me to accept your capricious whims and to roll with the random rolls of your fateful dice, I now take this moment to dwell on your blessings.

I must confess that my first encounter with the teeming metropolis that is Ptolus left me overwhelmed and uncharacteristically timid and withdrawn.  After knowing only the simple life of my home village and the dungeons of the orcs, I found the cacophony and chaos of constant activity overwhelming, overloading my senses and threatening me with horrific memories of slaughter, and it stunned me into passive inactivity, a mere twig swept along by a raging torrent with no will to impact my course or destiny.  I am ashamed.  My first undertaking as one of your priests and I was meek.  After this moment, I will strive to boldly proclaim my faith in your providence by daring all risks that come my way, trusting that you will turn even the longest odds in my favor, knowing that if you do not it is your will being done.

My first stop, at the gambling hall, was fruitful and your blessings were upon me, and I knew my mission was a divine one.  However, your support did not sit well with those who bet against me, and they failed to see their losses as determined by your hand.  When I gave all credit to you and claimed they could know the same good fortune with similar faith, they were slightly pacified, but not courted to your faith.

The events after I left the hall, well, there can be no thought of random happenstance, for what are the chances?  A city teeming with thieves, cowards, and those who know that survival is based on turning a blind eye whenever possible, and yet every single person on a typical street corner jumped into action to save an unknown victim from unknown assailants.  It is more than apparent that you were manipulating circumstances to help that woman, for never has a person seen such great luck in the form of incidental strangers, strange to each other as well as to you.  And it is evident to me that you intended me to be part of that group, as one who could recognize your favor at work in our actions.  You obviously sanctified that encounter.

I am ashamed to say that, in my overstimulated state, I was slow to recognize your work and join the fray.  But, ultimately, I did aid them, and now I see it was your will.  You have led me to this group and I will support their brave endeavors.  It seems at least some of them, those providing the impetus and purpose, are called to challenge the criminal elements operating in this city, for the clues you have guided our hands to uncover are leading us in that direction.  I have yet to see your larger plan, but I will follow the path you have set me on.  May your healing blessings continue to flow through me into those who need it, may your luck guide all of our attacks and protect us from harm, and may the improbable risks I brave in your name succeed, loudly proclaiming your glory for all involved to see.

I was ten years in the captivity of orcs before my eyes were fully opened to the fact that I need have no fear of my own weakness and mortality, that you can spin the dice so that even the lowliest of worms grows fat and happy while surrounded by all the birds in the world.  Now I am your vessel, here to demonstrate the same to all who have eyes to see and ears to listen.  I will go as your will decrees.  I thank you.