Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Session 54 tease

A couple of room descriptions for you this time.

A long, straight staircase leads down before stopping at a narrow landing. The corridor is drafty and cool. Demonic faces leer out at you from the walls, carved realistically into the stone. The passage is crisscrossed by wispy spiderwebs, and tiny spiders skitter away from your advance.


Inside the tub is the body of a once-beautiful woman, her face and skin horribly mutilated with scars. Freshly clotted blood and purple-yellow bruises cover her body. The woman’s blond hair is matted with blood.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Everyone likes filling out forms!

I was browsing wizards' site today and saw this cool pdf. It'll be included in the new Magic Item Compendium, but it might be useful to us sooner. Go ahead and print it out and fill it in if you want. Pretty self-explanatory. Sorry they didn't have a female version, Leelu.

Something . . . Familiar . . .

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