Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Further Adventures of Kilminsk Bearfucker

*clink* … *clink*

The faint, repetitive clank of metal tapping against metal rang through the dervish’s head as he staggered blindly through the dark, muggy forest. He had no recollection of how he got there, or what had happened to his clothing and equipment. He wore practically nothing, yet his scarred body dripped with burning sweat in that suffocating forest air. There had been a bright, white flash, he knew, but that was it - the flash - then prickly bushes, trees, and heat. The dervish’s mind was spinning far too much for him to even begin to understand what had happened or where he was. He did, however, manage to have one coherent thought. As he collapsed to the ground, his left hand clutched the worn padlock that fastened his newly fitted chastity belt.
“This,” he mused, “could be a problem.”

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dancing (around issues) with myself (E&R)

You know, I could really be really helpful in this quest of yours.

"Shut up."

No, really. I think I can benefit your search for the last stone, or whatever it is you are trying to find.

"I said, shut up."

Come on. You have to admit, I, meaning you, have some skills that can come in handy. Remember how you, or I. or whatever... Remember how we used to go around taking what we needed to live? How we would escape capture? We could do that again, but this time, lawfully.

"Is it the 'shut' or the 'up' that you can't hear. I'm putting my money on the 'shut.' Let me try another tactic. If you do not stop talking while I am trying to meditate, I am going to hit you. Hard."

You mean hit us. No matter what you try, I am always going to be here, one way or another.

"Do you see the crossed legs? Do you see how I am trying to breathe deeply? See the whole clearing my mind so I can learn to control my thoughts and emotions? Meditation. I need to do it."

Maybe you should pick up knife, just in case you need me.

"It's conversations like this that makes me wonder who the imaginary one really is."

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reminder for Next Saturday

Just a quick reminder, to get back on our regular rotation of games, we do have one coming up this next Saturday, the 19th! It can be somewhat shorter if people need it to be but I really want to get us through the 3rd fane and ready for the next section!

If you have any contemplations, letters, journal entries, or inner monologue conversations you wish to share as Naaran has, please do so, there will be rewards are to be had for the effort!


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A letter

Written in a jagged, awkward script, spotted with tears, and stained with a faint, rusty streak of blood:

To: Elessar Kennyrghymn
Keeper of Lore
Grey Archive

My dearest Elessar,

Your advice will be the death of me. On your words, I took to the land to see what I could learn outside of the "musty confines" of our library. I have found nothing but anguish. Our world is filled with monsters, and only the best of them have the decency to appear as such.

I met up with a diverse group of travelers and decided to join them in their efforts to free a town under assault by the undead. I've been nothing but cordial and helpful, yet I'm constantly rebuffed by them all. Still, the cause is noble, and at least one of them has made some attempt at conversation, albeit highly confusing conversation.

My "companions", as such, are an extremely elderly elf who has no evident pleasures beyond burning things and chess, a quiet young human from the village we came to save who joined with us after we suffered a loss, a lovely young woman that we found along the way, a perplexing halfling—the one I mentioned before, most amoral—and a perfectly nasty human whose behavior has gone from merely rude to positively cruel.

You see, my friend, I've discovered that the evils plaguing this town all stem from a villainous vampire lord, and I am beholden to fight him. It is this fight that cost me something precious. I write this letter—this coarse and terrible letter—with my left hand, as my right has been taken from me. There is no one here capable of healing my injury, and my own studies have not progressed so far yet, either. I am crippled, miserable, and mocked by those I travel with. Was this the lesson you intended me to learn? The world is harsh and callous, and I cannot expect anyone to help those in need. I would rather have stayed and mouldered along with my books than learn this.

I weep alone, my friend. My only true companion is Gladys, and even she is incapable of truly understanding what has befallen me. I would give anything to be safe at home with you and the others once again.

Naaran Anaraan
Senior Lorekeeper
Grey Archive (formerly, and hopefully again)

P.S. E, the human I complained of, has apologized for his insensitive words and offered to pay half the cost of the prosthetic arm I've arranged to have made. It may take some time to get used to, once it arrives, but I'm sure the mythril will look absolutely stunning with my hair. -Regards, Naaran