Friday, July 18, 2008

Dancing (around issues) with myself (E&R)

You know, I could really be really helpful in this quest of yours.

"Shut up."

No, really. I think I can benefit your search for the last stone, or whatever it is you are trying to find.

"I said, shut up."

Come on. You have to admit, I, meaning you, have some skills that can come in handy. Remember how you, or I. or whatever... Remember how we used to go around taking what we needed to live? How we would escape capture? We could do that again, but this time, lawfully.

"Is it the 'shut' or the 'up' that you can't hear. I'm putting my money on the 'shut.' Let me try another tactic. If you do not stop talking while I am trying to meditate, I am going to hit you. Hard."

You mean hit us. No matter what you try, I am always going to be here, one way or another.

"Do you see the crossed legs? Do you see how I am trying to breathe deeply? See the whole clearing my mind so I can learn to control my thoughts and emotions? Meditation. I need to do it."

Maybe you should pick up knife, just in case you need me.

"It's conversations like this that makes me wonder who the imaginary one really is."

1 comment:

Aerin said...

Hah! I always love these inner dialogues :D +50xp

The search for inner peace must be difficult without the whole silence thing. On the other hand once you can achieve transcendence with that kind of chatter, you'll be able to be perfectly in equilibrium in the biggest city in the multiverse.