Thursday, January 17, 2008

Galvoran's History, Meta-game Style

Some of you may remember that you picked up Galvoran in Highfolk mid-adventure because you needed an arcane caster (and didn't care about the dead Druid, sniff). He was an apprentice at the magic shop in town. From an academic background, he had achieved 5th level purely through reading and laboratory work. He holds arcane knowledge in higher esteem than anything and thinks higher of himself as a specialist in arcane knowledge than he does most other people, but he has very little real world experience--he is a young, untested student who thinks he can learn anything he needs to from a book and those who don't have the wisdom to revere book learning aren't worth his time. He is an Evoker who specializes in fire. To see his worldview in action, read this.

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Aerin said...

Well, as I can post comments but doesn't look like I have the authority to post, I'll just hijack Degolar for my blurb too :P

You all sit gathered around a table, some with letters in hand, discussing the message that had brought you all together when a shabbily dressed old drunkard shuffles over to your table. Without so much as a by-your-leave, he sits down and starts mumbling friendly platitudes to everyone and smiling a gap toothed grin around the table. After gauging your reactions for a moment, he lifts his hat off and his form blurs and distorts then snaps back into focus, but instead of a an elderly human, an elf of intederminate age, clad in a long leather coat, studded with metal rivets sits in the chair before you.

With a rogueish twist of his lips he speaks, "pardon the subterfuge everyone, just making sure I had the right table before I commited myself. Can't be too careful out there afterall," he says producing a letter similar to everyone elses'. The name is Reklann, bounty hunter by trade, you have someone, or something you need found, I'm the one you'd talk to.