Monday, May 01, 2006

Well I Guess I'm One

The MoJoBlog has been going through some of our government documents on how to spot a terrorist. Here are some of the characteristics of terrorists listed in the Texas Department of Public Safety Manual:

  • Focused and committed
  • Team-oriented and disciplined
  • Familiar with their physical environments
  • Employ a variety of vehicles and communicate by cell phone, email, or text messaging
  • Try not to draw attention to themselves
  • Look like students, tourists, or businesspersons
  • Travel in a mixed group of men, women, and children
  • Avoid confrontations with law enforcement
  • Use disguises or undergo cosmetic surgery


Hadrian said...

Have a tendency to breathe.

Often speak, and or listen to other people.

Eat at various times during the day.

yada yada yada

Gobula said...

Could be either male or female, usually between the ages of six and 114.