Monday, February 19, 2007

Session 53

Outside the door, a clash of metal on metal sounded. Unexpected, so soon. Satau hurried away from his experiment and went into a familiar trance-like state. His mind quickly relaxed as he scryed the passages outside of his chamber. Chymon was dead. A rabble of adventurers lurked around a corner as one of the purplecloak patrols played knucklebones casually.

A ball of orangish red, no larger than a grapefruit, zips into their midst. "Insteresting, they seem more than novices," Satau thought. Chaos erupted a few seconds later, with the patrol engulfed in flame.

"Enough of this, I have preparations to make," Satau thought. He quickly shut his study door, leaving his clone alone in the darkness. The clone would leap into action if he faced mortal peril, at least Satau hoped so. He tapped a clear crystal wand against his arm and said a command word, then disappeared into the darkness, waiting.

Congratulations on defeating the dragon and the mind flayers. I'm a little surprised no one died. I tried. At our current pace, I'm doubtful we can finish the campaign by May. So we'll have to step it up a little. Less non-game chatter will help.

It seemed like Leelu did a lot of the work early on, then Aerin, Degolar, and Torias did a lot late. I realize some of that's because Leelu and Lummox were stunned for most of the mind flayer combat. I'd like to see a little more out of Kilminsk, though.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Saturday. What went well, what didn't. Dragons and Mind Flayers are probably some of the hardest bad guys to run, so please tell me how I can improve. And thanks to Torias for reminding me about mind blast.


Leelu said...

Blogger's eating my comments. :(

Leelu said...

Take three:

It's just as well Leelu was stunned most of that last combat, since I was stupidly tired at that point. I would have been useless regardless of status.

Oh, and, for the record, as much as I dislike being swallowed by invisible monsters, that was freakin' awesome. :D

Hadrian said...

So sad. The campaign is ending and I'm not even going to be there for it.

Degolar said...

Since things are rushed anyway, perhaps we could convince Scott to extend the game one more month into June? (assuming you could make it in June)

scott said...

I'm hoping you can make it to May and /or June, if we go that late, Hadrian. You shouldn't be sad. You're making something of yourself. You being gone makes everyone appreciate when you're around.

scott said...

Hehe. I thought the note-passing would make that more fun, Leelu. That way no one would know if you just went invis or something bad happened. The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts. :D

Degolar said...

That's the problem with fighting red dragons when you're most potent offensive weapon is Scorching Ray, you aren't quite as helpful. Although I thought my sound orbs were at least a little helpful.

The mind flayers were cool, what with the extra-dimensional study and all. I'm very proud of out-dominating them, although I don't think my mind will ever be the same after being inside Lummox's like that.

I don't know if this makes any sense, but it almost takes away the sense of accomplishment that we weren't hurt a bit worse by the encounters. Not that I'm complaining or asking for things to go differently next time, but I'd think mind flayers should seem tougher than . . . I don't know . . . trolls. Does that make sense?

I liked the variety of encounters. Different mysteries and strategies for each. I think that's why each of us shown brighter at different times, because our strengths were needed in different ways and against different enemies. If it had been Lummox and Kilminsk who had first scouted the mind flayer lair instead of Lummox and Degolar, for instance, things might have turned out differently.

And I think Kilminsk is finally at a high enough level that he can contribute. He's been so much lower, it's been hard for him to attempt tackling those we've encountered because he's been so much weaker than them. But I think he's finally caught up enough that that excuse has run out. Time to man up and be a fighter-type instead of preying on the weak, you sexual deviant.

Degolar said...

Oh, and I didn't think we were really too off-task, compared to many of our evenings. I mean, it's fun to joke around a little. Although we shouldn't make it any worse. I think I leave every time hoping we'll get started sooner next time, though, and we never do. That's what I'd really like to focus on, getting a quicker start.

Gobula said...

Hey, Kilminsk did way more this game, God damnit! He was the first person to do anything at all (open the door), and he got right into combat with the ogres and did decent damage. Also, he was the only one smart enough to not get trapped in another plane. I'm guessing he'll have to go down as well, but hey, at least he damaged the second mind flayer, unlike most of the rest of the party. You better hope you don't desperately need him to make it back up!

Don't expect him to stop preying on the weak, especially with his penis.

Now, with a few of games left, Kilminsk is finally at a high enough level to actually get into melee combat, where he belongs. It sucked being nearly half the level of everyone else for so damn long.

There would have been a couple of deaths that game if it weren't for Aerin, but that seems to be typical.

Degolar said...

Aye, lad, that you did, and we're grateful for the increased contribution. None of us blame you for holding back in the past because it's hardly been a fair competition for you. Just realize that with great power comes great responsibility, and with rising levels come rising expectations.

Leelu said...

I'm still trying to figure out an in-game reason for us to keep creepy Kilminsk around. Is he just Lummox's pet?

Lummox said...

He's not Lummox's pet, but it is nice to have someone around to teach things too... When he's not fucking the weak.

Gobula said...

And don't forget about his bitchin' Knowledge: Nature check, either!

What are the weak for, if not for fucking?

scott said...

Oh, I had forgotten about his knowledge (nature) check, putting Lummox to shame. The party may have just left those leaves behind if Kilminsk hadn't told them how much they were worth.

I'll email you more info on those, Kilminsk.