Monday, February 06, 2006

George W. Bush is a Wanker

Why do I say this? Aside from the obvious truth of it, one simple reason: Because I can. Because I am an American and am guaranteed certain rights by the Constitution (rights that I would argue were mine regardless of their enshrinement in the Constitution-- but nevertheless...). And in this time of "treason equals dissent" I find it more important than ever to exercise that right-- the right of free speech-- and its necessary corollary the right to criticize the powerful, up to and including the most powerful man in the world. There is a long tradition of such criticism in our country, and I, for one, don't think we should give it up because of some irrational fear of swarthy men with bombs in briefcases. So, it bears repeating: George W. Bush is a Wanker.


Leelu said...

W may be a wanker, but Cheney is a scary, scary fucker.

Degolar said...

Beautiful. Why is it such a paradox for some that the freedoms that make this country worth fighting for are the same ones that allow us to be critical of it?

Gobula said...

I agree with Leelu. I can picture Cheney stroking a long mustache while tying ladies to the rail rode tracks. Didn't he used to be in James Bond movies?

And yes, W is a wanker and a stupid git.