Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Can I Get a Bonus for Not Calling in Sick?

And for Perfect Attendance, Johnny Gets... a Car

Across the country, schools have begun to offer cars, iPods — even a month's rent — as incentives to students to improve their attendance. Read the article.


Gobula said...

Where does someone start on this? How sad is it that we have to PAY kids to come to school? Still, even if someone offered to give me a car I wouldn't have perfect attendance in Chinese class. I haven't missed a single class in over 2 years except for Chinese, which for the past semester and a quarter I have skipped regularly.

And now for something completely different: I highly recommend "The World's Fastest Indian", very entertaining, one of Anthony Hopkins best performances.

The Blue Pamphlet said...

I kinda consider part of patron computer training as bribery to come into the library. No money exchanges hands, only information and services. It's sort of a hook or gimmick to get people into the library to see what we've got to offer.

For kids? I'm all for it. After all, they go to school 35 hours out of the week and while parents and teachers see the value of what they are learning, the kids just see it as work with a little social time put into it. I'll bet if they made some qualifcations for HS students (say, 95% attendance during all 4 years in HS and a 3.0 GPA might raffle off a 4 year education)...then they might be talking some serious interest AND parental support.