Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Impulse Buying

One of my great weaknesses is my tendency to buy things on impulse. Okay, more honestly this is but one aspect of my weakness in terms of all things financial. I have little financial acumen and even less discipline. I have an incredibly troubled relationship with money, and at times I will spend like a Republican congress, that is-- terribly irresponsibly (oh how times have changed when I, a rabidly partisan Democrat, can make that kind of comparison with a straight face... but I digress).

Well the latest incident of this unfortunate tendency occurred tonight. While at Target buying the essentials of life with quadrapeds, dog food, cat food, ground up scented clay to catch the cat food out the other end, I happened down the software aisle, and voila-- I now own World of Warcraft. I have often said I would never buy a subscription based game, but now I've gone and done so. It was on sale, and I figured for thirty bucks with the first month free-- why not? That's only a dollar a day, and I've bought more than one craptacularly disappointing game at $45 or $50 in the past, so why not check it out and see what the hype is all about? If I like it, fine, I can cough up fifty cents a day to play it-- that's only one can of Coke right? And if I don't, I stop playing at the end of my free month, no harm, no foul. One unfortunate thing is it is taking forever to actually get to play the damn thing. It took forever, and I do mean forever (at least half an hour) to install, and now I'm still downloading updates (we're about ninety minutes into this process now). If I ever actually get to play this thing, I'll let you know if it's worth the trouble.

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Gobula said...

Ahhh, Hadrian. Why didn't you at least buy a free mmorpg like Guild Wars? Although I have heard that World of Warcraft is pretty kick-ass.

Speaking of impulse buying, my Warhammer armies are growing rapidly and so is my vinyl collection.

I bet this is why prostitution is illegal.