Monday, February 27, 2006

Life is like a box of chocolates...

We always end up with the almond crunch. We are deathly allergic to almonds. Hopefully this sets the scene.
So, I was off of work for quite a while due to a wretched case of bronchitis and sinus infections. Well, things got really tight with money and now they have gone from bad to worse. I applied for disability, and oddly enough, I was able to get it. So I went through all the paperwork and yadda yadda. Finally they said I would receive it in my next pay check. So Leelu and I decided to go out and get some of the essentials that we needed food wise and household wise. We got groceries, paper towels, fuel for our cars, etc. The whole time thinking that the disability would come through in my check as promised. Well guess what. With overdraft fees, bounced check penalties and a myriad of other fun things added, we are now negative over $450. And we don’t know exactly when I will get my disability check. They supposedly mailed it out on Friday, but then, we know how honest they are, so we are up the creek until it arrives and well after.
The next bit is even better. We bought a rat for a pet about a month or so ago. Well, it was cool for a while, but then it started getting a little aggressive. So we called the store we bought her from and asked what was up. They said she might be pregnant. Well she wasn't pregnant, she was lonely. So we bought her and buddy and things started to get a little better, until she started breathing funny and her nose started bleeding. So we took her in and the guy at the store said she had an upper respiratory infection and that he would send her to the vet and we could pick her up later, but from the looks of things, he didn't think she would survive. So I asked if I could get a different rat instead. So we got a different rat. Well she had some red around one of her eyes and the guy at the store said it was probably just from her fighting with the other rats that were in the cage with her. Well, turns out she was actually sick too. She got the other rat sick and we took them into the vet for which ran us $120 we didn't actually have (see the connection here) and they said they had upper respiratory infections. We got them back home and gave them their medicine. That night/morning, my wife got up to get a drink and went to check on the rats while she was up. The second one we bought had died during the night. This broke her heart and she cried for a good long time while I held her. The other rat is fine so far. We have been giving her medicine and she seems to be getting much better.
And finally, yesterday, while we were out and about, Leelu started getting really uncomfortable in the abdominal area. Where our just over 6 month baby is currently living. It kept getting worse and worse, so she called the doctor. She is now under doctor’s orders to stay home and resting until her appointment tomorrow afternoon. We are going to go in and see if anything is wrong or if it is just regular pregnancy stuff.
Do you see why I might be a little worried at this point?


Degolar said...

Ugh. And yikes. And damn! Keep us posted on Leelu. We're worried right along with you.

Kelly Sime said...

Holy Schmoly! I hope everything is okay. Let S. and I know what we can do.

scott said...

Yes. Let us know. And I'm sorry you're having such a shitty time. :(

PS. My word verification was fuzzpew.