Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Two Make Not a Group

As I'm sure you know by now, a few brave souls attempted a shared reading and online discussion of Moby-Dick recently. To my knowledge, four finished and three (with escorts) gathered to discuss in person. Captain Barbossa followed that with an invitation to leave the whale behind but establish ourselves as a sort of book club. I've accepted the offer. No others, although I wonder if that may be due to the fact that the discussion has been on the Moby blog and no one else is reading it. So here is the extended invitation with a link to our latest proposals. Respond at either forum and we'll see if anything develops.


Gobula said...

I'm just about finished with "The Sun Also Rises", and while I'd prefer another Hemingway I would probably participate with anything you guys choose (as long as it isn't something I've already read). Sounds like fun!

Degolar said...

Welcome aboard, Gobula.

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