Tuesday, April 25, 2006


n. The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something.

Hmmm...... As you may have noticed of late my posting has been, shall we say... sporadic? And it's not because I've been writing the proverbial "Great American Novel", or even reading it for that matter; it's been because of my compulsive need to escape reality, and escape it in a particular way (though apparently I've been improving my critical thinking skills all the while). Ahem...: World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2, Sim City 4 (Rush Hour), Painkiller, MVP Baseball 2005 (2006 fan-mod), NASCAR Sim Racing,.... I probably could go on. I am addicted to computer games. I submit for your consideration the following evidence:

1. I had the thought "maybe I need to stop playing games, they're taking up way too much of my time."

2. That thought was immediately followed by a flash of panic "But, but, but,... what will I do if I'm not playing video games, and I just bought this new one, and just downloaded that cool mod, and, and, and...."

3. That thought was immediately followed by a third: "You just panicked at the thought of not playing games. Dude, you are so addicted."

4. I bought a NASCAR game! If that is not indicative of a problem I don't know what is. I don't even like NASCAR.

5. Often I find myself playing for hours on end, despite the fact that I am not enjoying it.

6. Necessary tasks do not get done. Bills are left unpaid, kitchens uncleaned, books unread. All because I need to kill trolls in Stranglethorn Vale, or finish a homestand against the White Sox, or take Mashtuur City one more time. Sleep, what is this sleep you speak of?

So, long story short, I feel that I need to stop this compulsive behavior and consciously use my time for things that are truly important to me. And once again, the very fact that I'm finding this difficult to do is evidence of how important it is that I do it. So, that's that.


Gobula said...

I'm telling you, sell them all and you will force yourself to quit (since the moderation thing isn't an option).

Seriously, the "video games are beneficial" is pissing me off more than ever. Hadrian and I are both intelligent, literate people and yet we spend most of our time discussing video games. I am left to wonder what kind of mind-expanding intellectual conversations we have been missing out on.

Degolar said...

I can hold onto your games and consoles for a while if you want. ;-)

Brett Cummings said...

You are sad indeed. Did you call your mother yesterday?

Hadrian said...

Oh, you had to bring that up didn't you? Yes, yes I did, but I had to be prompted to deliver the obligatory message. I looked at my watch and-- oh crap, it is April 25th isn't it?

Gobula said...

I see that we have already abandoned the topic of Hadrian's video game addiction, so, uh...........cock.

Gobula said...

Ok, I just noticed several things in this post:

a) Hadrian said "Often I find myself." Yeah, you really need to lay off the video games.

b) Degolar mentioned consoles and I don't think Hadrian has any consoles. Is that a euphemism for something?

c) Hadrian failed to mention that when I told him that buying a NASCAR game was a bad sign he immediately stated that he didn't buy it because it was a NASCAR game, he just REALLY wanted a racing game.

d) Nintendo gives you herpes