Thursday, April 13, 2006

Books Everywhere!

I woke up in a decent mood this morning, but for some reason became very grumpy when I got to work. It’s not the job itself, and in fact I’ve thrived under similarly stressful circumstances before, but things sat wrong with me today. We were already short staffed and I was greeted at the door with the news that someone called in sick. I don’t have any supervisory capacity, but I had the ranking position of the three of us who were present and felt it fell to me to do something about it. So I started working on that while scrambling to get our normal stuff done, only to find I was unnecessarily duplicating work that had already been done. On top of that, we turned our cash register on to find it stuck in error mode and no one I called had the slightest clue what to do about it. Things turned out alright in the end, of course, but I got irrationally irritated in the face of it all. I’m pretty sure I didn’t take it out on anyone, but I certainly didn’t enjoy that couple of hours. I found my first smile of the day soon after we opened. A preschool girl (maybe 3 years old) was joyously bounding around the library singing, “Books! Books! Everywhere Books!” You can’t beat that kind of simple, honest, exuberance.

(Of course, I another factor in my mood swing might be the fact that I’m constantly failing in my attempts to become an ex-caffeine junkie. I hadn’t had any this morning and was feeling achy and stiff and generally kind of yucky, so I broke down and bought a Sunkist right before we opened. I have a feeling it was starting to kick in 15 minutes later when I heard/saw the girl, because now I feel fine. Regardless of the caffeine, though, she cheered me up.)


The Girl in Black said...

We all would feel better if we could bound with abandon.

The little ones just look cuter doing it.

: )

Sorry for the aggravated start. It's full moon today, and the 13th. Although caffeine withdrawal doesn't help.. it might be a day you can't do much about.

My girl at work arrived to the news her soon-to-be-husband (whom her mother loves to run down) had accidentally rear-ended someone. Not just your run-of-the-mill folk on the way to work, either. A college girl driving mentally-delayed adults to an activity center. Talk about blowing your karma for the day. Maybe even the month.

And this is about a month before their wedding. Which of course is stressing her out, financially. All while we're paying for Chiefs season tickets, too. What timing!

Hope your evening goes better!

The Blue Pamphlet said...

Funny how the smallest things plant the seeds, even when we've become rough and coarse through uncontrollable circumstances.

It's a delight I take in often.

Leelu said...

Hey, at least you can work. I'm officially homebound now, as of this week.

I can't afford this. :-/

scott said...

Yuck. Caffeine withdrawl sucks. Good luck with it though. And, kudos to you for trying to fix things at work. Often, people just bury their heads in the sand and wait for someone else to deal with the problem.

Gobula said...