Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Off in Search of Adventure

. . . in Wichita. At a library conference. So actual adventure might be scarce, but you never know. The suitcase is packed and in the car, and as soon as I leave work today I’m heading down for Triconference. Which at one time I thought meant tri-annual, but it turns out to mean three organizations--KLA (Kansas Library Association), KASL (Kansas Association of School Librarians), and KAECT (Kansas Academic something something)--which come together for an annual conference. Members of the organizations (i.e. us) can apply to share their successes and good ideas as presenters and everyone else goes and steals from them. I’ve been to a couple of other conferences, but am excited because I expect this one to be different in a few ways. Two years ago I was lucky enough to be selected for the national public library conference, which was excellent, but from our system I was the lonely YS peon with a bunch of managers and admin types that I didn’t know that well. The presentations were awesome and I had people to hang with, but they weren’t necessarily friends. Last year Triconference was in town, so I saw people during the day but then went home and back to my normal life. This time there will be a lot of friends to see throughout the conference and nothing to do in the down time but party. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been going through the schedule and figuring out which sessions sound the best for me and such. I even found a Runner’s World article about where to run in Wichita. I’m all set and ready to go and can’t wait for the work day to end.


Gobula said...

The headline to this post looked interesting, but sorry, I couldn't make it past "library conference.

Sort of like when I say "history conference" and all my friends immediately pass out.

Hadrian said...

Be glad you didn't make it past "library conference", because, at the end, he talks about how much he's looking forward to, get this, running. I swear, sometimes I just so don't get my friends.