Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In Search of Content

I haven't felt the inspiration to post recently, so to fill in the downtime with something I'll offer a bit of Degolar trivia. For a few years in college I had a personalized license plate that read "PLAID." It was a reference to Spaceballs.


The Girl in Black said...

You might be on to something. Although I've posted, there hasn't been much heart to it. Maybe it's a bad moon or such.

It has apparently been too long since I've seen Spaceballs. I don't remember the plaid reference. My tags are due in June. I'm thinking of getting "geekgrl".

You mentioned going to Jazz a couple weeks (months?) ago. How was it? Another friend from OP didn't think it was the same Jazz from 1996-1998 era.

scott said...

What the hell was that? Spaceball I. They've gone to plaid! Now I've got to watch it again. But, until then..


Gobula said...

Mel Brooks is a comedic god.

Degolar said...

We went to the Jazz location near KU Medical Center at 39th & State Line. I'm pretty sure it's been there since at least the late 90s. And it's very good.