Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

. . . from Tri-Conference:

Remember when I wrote about being excited to go to a conference where I knew people? First impression from last night: librarians like to party. Hard.

Wichita has made nice use of its rivers. Made for a very pleasant run this morning, following the trails along the Arkansas (ar-KANZ-ass) River. KC could learn something.

I might actually get around to applying for Ghost Ranch this year, the week-long MPLA (Mountain Plains Library Association) leadership camp in New Mexico each fall.

Storytime is fun, but it's really about teaching the parents what to do with their kids on a daily basis.

The people who select the books for the William Allen White award don't seem to know a thing about kids or what kids find appealing in a book. The most boring sounding selections ever.

Looking for Alaska is an awesome book.

We work for a very privileged library system.


Hadrian said...

I was just wondering if we were going to get a recap of the festivities, now that it is over and done with.

Degolar said...

What happens at Tri-Conference stays at Tri-Conference. (Although, yes, I do plan to write a bit more about it soon.)

Anonymous said...

What happens at Tri-Conference stays at Tri-Conference? Seems like I missed a lot of action. I'm looking forward to hearing more.