Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not an Issue of Intent, but of Intensity

"I thought about mistakes I had made in the past. I thought about when things went wrong. And I realized it was never an issue of intent, but of intensity. I was a good guy, recall."

I've been reading the book Inexcusable, by Chris Lynch. It's told in a very believable first person voice by a graduating high school senior. A nice guy. Popular with the athletes, but still seen as a "cream puff" by those who know him. A hard worker. From a supportive family. He knows he never means any harm. Yet sometimes he can get carried away. Sometimes he lies to himself about it; sometimes he lies to his readers. But through the whole book he is trying to make sense of something he's done that is finally inexcusable. A very real voice. A very real character. Sometimes I can see myself in him and other times people I've known. I haven't quite finished it yet, but came across that quote today and wanted to share it. I recommend the book, to teen guys and everyone.

If my description is a little too vague, I really like the Booklist review on Amazon.

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