Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My Plan of Attack

Oh, and since I am sure you are all dying with curiousity to know what I will be doing for three days at Triconference (sarcasm), I thought I might share the sessions I've tentatively decided to attend (in chronological order):
  • MPLA Ghost Ranch Leadership Institute

  • Research-Based Strategies for Teaching Early Literacy Skills

  • Connecting Kansas Kids with Great Books: 2006-2007 William Allen White Awards Master Lists

  • YA Best of the Year Book Talks

  • Wonderful and New Picture Books for Story Times

  • Program or Prizes: What Keeps Kids Reading?

  • Runescape Games in Libraries

  • Amazing Space

  • Library Magic

  • And I can't find anything that sounds vaguely appealing or relevant for Friday morning
A selection of interesting ones I'm skipping (just to give you a full flavor treat):
  • Comics for Grown-ups

  • Wikipedias are Wonderful & Blogs are Beautiful

  • Growing Up Amish

  • The Bulgarian Connection

  • Sex, Blood & Graphic Novels

  • Give 'Em the Pickle

  • Meet Youth Services: The Musical

  • Tough Government Documents for Butt Kicking Librarians
And, with description included:
  • Librarians on Parade: A Fashion Show for 2006
    Fashions for the modern librarian will be modeled by the Librarian of South Central Kansas Library System. Take the time to see the newest styles for all ages, sizes and shapes.


The Girl in Black said...

Whatever happens at Triconference, stays at Triconference. Especially if it is out of town.

Those sessions actually sound quite fun! Have a good time.

While the library fashion show sounds quite exotic... wouldn't they only have one outfit? There is only so many ways you can wear wifebeaters and overalls in South Central Kansas. Available in Wal-Mart XXL and tweaker XS. Oops!

Hadrian said...

You're skipping Sex, Blood & Graphic Novels? and Growing Up Amish? I feel like I don't even know you anymore.

scott said...

That Growing up Amish program does sound neat. And, you're not going to Kelly's presentation? Sheesh.

Degolar said...

But I can talk to Kelly and get her ideas anytime, which I can't do with these other presenters. I'm interested in what she has to say, I just figure I can do that at home.

And the graphic novel presentations are almost always for collection development people. It just frustrates me to hear about things we could/should be ordering but might not be and not have any control over it.

And, yes, what happens at Triconference stays at Triconference, which is already necessary on the first night (notice the time of this post?).