Tuesday, March 10, 2009

summer sidequest!

I'm going to break my DMing hiatus and run a short game this summer. May-August. Four sessions. Here's the twist. Our current pool of players is too big for everyone to play in. We've got 10 potential players.
  1. Dave
  2. Rachel
  3. Tiger
  4. Jason
  5. Brett
  6. Nathan
  7. Eric
  8. Matt
  9. Chris
So what I'm going to do is give you guys some guidelines to develop a character and I'm going to pick the best 6. Those six will play. I'm sure this'll piss people off, but 10 is an unmanageable size. I think most of you'd agree. If you're interested, let me know in the comments field.


Lummox said...

I'm game.
Get it?
I made a pun there. ;)

Hadrian said...

Wait, are you counting yourself as a potential player, or is that a different Scott?

Nathan McKinney said...

Hi, my name is Nathan. and I'm not on the list.

Degolar said...

You don't go by Nate as well as Nathan? I thought I was introduced to you as Nate.

I was wondering the same thing as Hadrian; if you count on the list of 10, do you count on the list of 6? If your DM concept doesn't rank among the top 6 characters, are you eliminating yourself? ;-)

I'm in.

scott said...

Wow. Lots of comments.

Nathan. Sorry. I, like Degolar, thought that you went by Nate. Apologies.

I was listing everyone in the group. I have no intention of being a player and a DM. So I'm revising the list for you sticklers.

Hadrian said...


Nathan McKinney said...

Actually, I'm blind... I'm Nathan and I'm blind. I didn't see my own name. Stupid stupid stupid.
I actually go by either Nate or Nathan. No big mystery there. Looking at the list I missed my own freaking name. GEEZ.

With that kind of attentiveness, I'll probably play the half Orc Barbarian.

Hadrian said...

It's about time we had a half-orc barbarian. Or at least, a dumb barbarian.

Though, to his credit, Degolar did play a halfling barbarian in that New Year's Eve one-shot game a couple of years ago.

Aerin said...

So, guidelines...so I can be a half ogre/half dragon barbarian/cleric/monk/rogue/wizard using a huge size greatsword with 42 AC and make sneak attacks against anything including constructs and undead with a crit range of 8-20 and immune to fire and electricity? You know, nothing too outrageous.

Leelu said...

Hey, remember my 6 wisdom fighter from that New Year's one-shot? She was fun. :D

As mah hunny said, we're interested, but we tend to come as a set. So keep that in mind—you'll either take us both, or have two others to choose from.

(And, what, no Josh? He did fine in the mini-campaign.)

Leelu said...

And as I read that, I realize it looks like an ultimatum. It's not; it's just a statement. I hope you like whatever we come up with for both, but if you only like one, then don't worry about it. :)

And if you like neither, than problem solved!

Lummox said...

But you better like them both. Because I'm not playing without my wife. No way. No how. You all know how much I love to play with my wife. I play with her every chance I get, which isn't many, but it's quality, not quantity. And If you say I can't play with my wife, then forget about it.

Actually, either way is fine by me. I just wanted the chance to say "play with my wife" over and over.

scott said...

Is there any word on when / if Ravenloft would be over? I'd hate to have you choose between Jason's game and mine.

Tiger said...

Campaign setting?

Aerin said...

I'm hoping within the next 1 or 2, I had to sort of whip up something to allow progress because Bruce Cordell and James Wyatt are f'ing hacks that haven't had a complete thought in their entire lives.

Gobula said...

I doubt I will be playing, so you can count me out.

Hadrian said...

I, as well, will not be playing. I don't really have the time to be making additional commitments pre-bar exam.