Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Disturbing Turn of Events

The Party:
Exploring further into the crypt hidden deep beneath Ravenloft, the all-but-invisible slip of shadow that is Oban ranges ahead of the group scouting for hidden dangers, or unnoticed treasures as the case may be. Appearing as nothing more than a mobile blot of shadow the halfling creeps forward when suddenly he staggers out from the shadows and to your collective horror, it appears that his skin has corrupted into the decay of undeath! Dropping his axe he leaps at the party with fingers hooked like claws, a feral, hungry light all that illuminates his now-dead eyes!

As you move stealthily down the dank and dusty corridor you are suddenly overcome by a brief wave of disorientation and when you recover you find yourself laying on the rotting boards of a casket in an earthen chamber. While you gather your wits you realize to your discomfort that you are naked, and perhaps even worse, you hear several loud snuffling noises like some sort of animal testing the air. Coarse dry groans and hisses start to fill the air as the smell of death reaches your nostrils!

Going to see Watchmen hopefully Saturday afternoon and then me and Maro will caffinate up for a night of D&D! Hope to kill you all then! Also, I forbid you all from getting sick!


Degolar said...

Did we agree to play this weekend?

Aerin said...

We should have, being 3 weeks from the last time we played?

Nathan McKinney said...

Not sure if I can play, How about next weekend?

Degolar said...

I could probably play this week, although I wasn't thinking about it. Next week I'll be out of town.