Thursday, March 12, 2009

starting points for guidelines

I'm working on the guidelines. They're almost done. Right now, they include:
  • Race
  • Class
  • Backstory
  • Religion (if applicable)
  • Traits / Flaws (if chosen)
I'm not going to give you specifics about some things. (like level, or starting gold). Right now, I don't really care about whether you're carrying a winter blanket or ring of protection. I'm more interested in your character's story, and how much I can believe in your character.

The traits and flaws are from Unearthed Arcana, but I don't expect everyone to have that. I'll give you a list with descriptions of those. They're primarily to give you a starting place to roleplay. Your character may be feeble or abrasive, and you can play off of that in your character's actions, as well as get bonuses or penalties in-game.

There are a few variant human races (like 'sub-races', if you want to call them that). These are regional races, and I'll give more information about those, too.


Aerin said...

Gotcha, so every potential character must be either feeble, or abrasive. Good info, I'll keep that in mind.

Hadrian said...

Well, every potential player is either feeble or abrasive, so that makes sense.

scott said...

Sorry, Feeble and Abrasive are some options. There are more.

Now, Hadrian makes a good point. Aerin is both feeble (in his lovemaking) and abrasive (also in his lovemaking, actually). :P

Aerin said...

At least I'm always the pitcher.

Leelu said...

Personal experience, Scott?

Lummox said...

YOU LIE!!! He has never been feeble with me. Always abrasive.
Abrasive means he finishes too soon, right?

Degolar said...

So should we start declaring our basic concept to insure party balance--so we don't have 5 wizards or no clerics or a paladin and a vampire--or will that be part of your selection/elimination process?

Tiger said...

5 wizards can kick the ass out of nearly anything.

And I don't think Scott will allow vampires.

mentesse-feminine form of the word mentos.

Lummox said...

Besides, vampires are impractical. Can't hide very well when you're all sparkly.

scott said...

unless you're a reverse vampire. then you only come out during the day.