Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A word of warning

This being my third attempt as a DM, I can honestly say the story we are about to embark on is far more complex and ambitious than any I have developed in the past. There are far more NPCs than I've ever had to manage. I'm having to learn a ton of new mechanics for an at-sea campaign, and on top of that, an at-sea campaign takes a lot of imagination for a guy who has rarely seen an ocean, much less been on one.

I mean, I'm from Oklahoma for crying out loud.

So, seeing as how this story will be quite a challenge on my end, please BEAR WITH ME. Your patience will be appreciated.

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Aerin said...

I'd say just watch Master and Commander about 4x back to back and you'll be set. Of recent memory, it did the best job of showing life aboard an adventurous ship.