Saturday, December 05, 2009

The tale of Finn

Okay, I am not that great at narritives, so bear with me.

The tale of Finn:

I'm not supposed to be here. Alas, here I am, my dreams crushed. All because of those bastards, Tharvin and Toffus.

Cooking is my life. To put it any other way would be...well, wrong. It is my calling. As soon as I could, I got a job in one of the many taverns in town. Unfortunately, it seems my sense of taste is better than that of a lot of head cooks in the area, as I have never remained employed at one tavern for long. My habits of searching out new recipes and experimenting with the dishes, though well received by customers, were not winning me any friends with the wait staff either. I just grew tired of preparing dishes the exact same way every time and have the result be this mediocre heap that I could make in my sleep.

That ended just a few months ago, when I got a job as one of the two cooks at The Sasserine Sleigh Ride (I never did get the idea of a tavern/brothel, but oh well). The day cook, Tharvin, wasn't pleased with me to start with, but he was livid when he noticed that a lot of the girls would actually wait until my shift to eat. This was fine with me, but I was running out of new recipes in the town. Occasionally, the sailors that came in would order something I had never heard of. It didn't take long for me to start thinking about traveling to other lands and learning what they had to offer. The problem being Sasserine is cut off from the north by mountains, and ships passage is too expensive. I got some of the girls to help with getting ingredients and recipes from foreign sailors, but that may have been a mistake. Tharvin heard about my longing for food from other lands and devised a plan to be rid of me.

One day, a man named Toffus came in and came directly to me. He told me that he had heard of my cooking, and was willing to help. Saying his ship was setting sail soon, but he would be docking in a town where Jeklea bay meets the Azure sea for more supplies. I would have found another ship there to take me to Keoland or Ulek, where I could start my journey. All I would have to do would be cook for the time I was on board. Thrilled, I agreed. I packed my supplies and what few cookbooks I had acquired, and met him at the dock. After we set sail, it didn't take long for me to figure out I had been duped. When I confronted Toffus, he laughed and told me of his deal with Tharvin. Then the beating started. Later, when I refused to cook for him, another beating ensued. He then threw my books overboard, saying "If you're not going to cook, you must not need these!" I quickly caved in, before he threw anything else over. I wrote down everything I could remember in a blank book I had placed near my cot, to write down any ideas that came to me in my sleep, but it was a poor excuse.

Now there is talk of mutiny. I don't know what I'm going to do afterwards, but I'll be glad to be rid of Toffus.


Aerin said...

Bah, you write just fine, not everyone is as long-winded as SOME Dave's in the world!

Two things though: Food mage! I dunno, just occurred to me with the delicate instruments and careful study and recording in books and whatnot.

Second, Finn? Really? On a ship? Why would you do that to yourself with Dave nearby?

Aerin said...
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Nathan McKinney said...


Finally catching up with you guys!