Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Wizard It Is

Question for the DM: limitation on spells and feats, that is, can I choose spells and feats from any of the multitude of 3.5 supplements? Don't worry, I'm keeping it simple class-wise and just going with the out of the PHB run of the mill wizard.

Question for the Players: recommendations on feats? I've never played an arcane caster before... not as familiar with the class.

Second Question for the DM: What city did this ship sail from? And, anything I should know about the campaign world when crafting a backstory (i.e., name of the world, name of the kingdom, etc?) Apologies for being anal about geography.


Aerin said...

Are you a specialist? If so, I'd start with Spell Focus for your particular school, if you're human, probably put Greater Spell Focus on top of that, +2 to the DC's of your spells, especially at low lvl and with a point-buy system, is quite handy.

Nathan McKinney said...

I have a copy of the spell compendium myself and use it frequently. Just keep in mind what I said about really weird focus items.

As far as geography goes, I don't have a specific world in mind, just that the journey you are on started in a port of the mainland and that the ship is a month or so into it's journey.