Friday, December 04, 2009

Weapon Advice

So, trying to simulate some of the things I've come across in my research (i.e. the post with pictures), I'm trying to decide on weapons. The PHB describes a "club" as: a wooden club is so easy to find and fashion that it has no cost; a "morningstar" as: this simple weapon combines the impact of a club with the piercing force of spikes; and a "mace" as: a mace is made of metal, even the haft, which makes it quite heavy and very hard to break. The pictured weapons are quite obviously better than a simple club but not quite right to be either of the others. Still, it seems fair to treat it something like a mace (d8) rather than a club (d6). Agree?

Second question which might make the first irrelevant: Should he fight with his clubmace in one hand and a handaxe in the other or two-handed with a greatclub? I'm leaning toward the latter, but indecisive.

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Aerin said...

Typically, barbarians favor a 2H weapon due to the 1.5x modifier on strength damage they get, which makes rage more potent so I'd probably lean towards a greatclub, perhaps of the fashion of one of the bottom two pictures you posted that weren't naked men.