Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Response from Pavo Baradin

It's wonderful to hear you are a like-minded compatriot, my dear bard. You phrase the message a bit more . . . militantly than I might have, but I think we understand each other to a point. You made reference to my "order," however. There is no order and, really, that's kind of the point. My message is all about being free of enslavement to religion, so it would turn me into the evil I preach against were I to make myself the head of an order. So while I'm flattered by the offer and sincerely hope you do sing the praises of freedom from the gods wherever you go, please don't turn me into a figurehead for that message. I'm flattered, but that's not what I'm about.

By the way, you know the paladin heals by conveying the power of Heironeous, yes? If you would truly demonstrate integrity in your message, I hope you will refuse any such healing should an opportunity ever arise. We wouldn't want your songs to be mere empty words, after all, if they are to have the power of truth behind them.

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