Monday, July 20, 2009

A conversation with Pavo Baradin

As the group settles in for the night, I look for a time to speak to Pavo somewhat away from the others, tucking the symbol of Fharlanghn around my neck under my shirt before I reach him...

"Good evening Monsieur Baradin, it got rather cold on us didn't it? Not that it ever gets very warm on a glacier I suppose eh? I was thinking as we traveled that your message is both refreshing in a world filled with so many priests hawking the power of their god in much the same way a snake oil salesman does... It got me thinking, if you ever settle down from your wandering path, those such as myself might be perfect heralds for your order, for who other than yourself extols the virtues of man more than the bard? Certainly, the powers manifested by a cleric will show itself in our tales from time to time, but they are stories of we mortals, seizing the reigns of our own destiny and changing the world for the better...not sitting in our homes praying to some distant deity to whisk in and make our lives better like some capricious planar parent! The tales of brave adventurers seem to fit hand in hand with reinforcing your message of the strength of men to be the masters of our own destinies, don't you think?"

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