Monday, July 13, 2009

next session!

Shortly after crossing the Kantele River, the trees start to thin. The wind seems colder and stronger without the forest acting as a windblock. Around mid-day, the cold sun hides behind the clouds and snow starts to fall. By twilight, your vision and movement are hampered by the newly fallen snow, which drifts around your knees. The cruel wind cuts at any exposed skin, and makes seeking shelter seem like a good idea.


Aerin said...

So, what are the Vegas odds on the missing artifact showing up at random while I'm at the inn, sipping wine before the fire?

Lummox said...

I attack the snow with my sword!!! I rolled a 20, I roll to confirm. 20 again!!! Sweet, I roll again. 20!!! Woo hoo!! I beat the snow! Looks like clears sailing from here everyone!