Wednesday, July 08, 2009

One Shot

First of all, you people are boring. Eight voters (at least), nine votes cast, and not a single vote for Hollow Earth Expedition. Apparently I'm the only one here with a deep love of 30's adventure pulp. I think you guys should broaden your RPG horizons. Not that there's anything wrong with classic Gygaxian fantasy--don't get me wrong, I love that stuff too. I'm just saying....

Anyway, the tally at this point appears to be 4 votes Ptolus, 3 votes 4e, 1 vote Rise of the Runelords (Pathfinder, aka, just another 3.5 campaign, and 1 vote for Call of Cthulhu. If this were an election, I would say that Ptolus had won.

So, whenever I do actually get around to running a D&D campaign, it will probably be Ptolus (and I will hope that my inexperience as a DM won't make it suck). I suppose this is a good thing, I need to get some value out of that massive and not inexpensive tome at some point--other than the entertainment value of just poking through it on occasion over the last three years. And those of you who have been wanting and waiting to play in the "City by the Spire" have been doing so since long before 4e was even on the horizon, so I almost feel like I owe it to you. So Ptolus it (probably) is, and the 4e campaign is on the backburner for the time being.

So, I'm looking at the life/RPG landscape for the next few months and this is what I've come up with. Most likely I will, in fact, end up back in KC. This isn't 100% certain, but I have such a strong desire to be there that, unless I find a job I simply cannot refuse somewhere else, that is where I'll be (although, this is still a possibility, since at this point ANY job might be a job I simply cannot refuse). However, I do still need to study for the bar over the next three weeks, and then find a job, an apartment, settle into a job, etc. etc. etc. Meaning, of course, that I won't have much time to prepare or run a campaign for the foreseeable future. Besides, Lummox still has something percolating (I hope) and Scott has mentioned a continuation of his summer game into a Pathfinder campaign, so you guys can get your fix somewhere else in the meantime (and me too, if I'm there-- I might have time to play even if I don't have time to DM). So, I'm thinking of saying tentatively that a Ptolus campaign may start, maybe, possibly, I think, perhaps, in early 2010. Say,... February? Or maybe March. I'm not committing to a date just yet.

That being said, I turn now to the title of this post. I stumbled across an adventure at Valhalla's Gate a couple of weeks ago that really jumped out at me. It's a 1920's Call of Cthulhu adventure that should be pretty easy to cram into one or two game sessions. And since I bought the Chaosium Basic Role Playing (BRP) book on a whim last summer--I have the rules to run it with. BRP is pretty easy to learn since it is mostly skill and percentile based, so I don't think that will be a problem for people only playing one game. So, I propose a one-shot game (or two, depending) for a weekend in the fall. Perhaps a non-Japanese themed weekend in September?


Nathan McKinney said...

I gotta say, I played the Call of Cthulhu card game the other night and both it and arham horror just plain rock.

Also I recently purchased a long game called Android, so if we want some "no commitment" adventures, that might be worth a spin.

Degolar said...

No real comment, but I'm interested.

scott said...

Cool. I'm excited for a Ptolus game. I don't really dig the hollow earth setting, but cthulhu intrigues me.

Tiger said...

Really, Pathfinder is 3.75, with their alterations.

I'm down for the elder god mind rape.