Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a tale

The crowd gathered closer around the old storyteller, hanging on his every word. He was telling of another of the Red Raven's adventures.

"Bedecked in his signature red cape and red-feathered mask and clutching a bundle to his chest, the Red Raven dove out the window of the tallest tower in the castle, his cape fluttering as he plunged downward," Some listeners gasped, others mouths formed silent O's.

The storyteller went on. "The baron's guards ran to the window and looked far below. The baron huffed and puffed as he came into the room, his face red and sweaty. "Well? Do you have him? Where is the Red Raven? It took weeks to collect those taxes from the villages." The guards pointed to the window and the baron looked out. The Red Raven looked back and bowed with a flourish, then ran into the nearby forest, unscathed after his several hundred foot fall. The baron swore and fumed at his guards for letting the Red Raven escape.

After the Red Raven passed the treeline, he paused to catch his breath, and opened the bundle to reveal a small box, full of silver and silver copper coins, a sparse few gold, and a smattering of gemstones. He smiled to himself and melted into the forest."

"Later that night, the Red Raven approached one of the small villages, with several bags of the coins and gems. The villagers saw his approach and let out a great cheer at the sight of his red-cloaked figure. He threw the bags of coins and gems to the villagers and spoke a few kind words to each, then disappeared back into the night."

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