Friday, March 07, 2008

Ravenloft Game

Just to make sure we all can agree and schedules work out for us *hopes* I want to start the game on Saturday, March 15th here at my place, around 6-6:30 or so. Does this work for you guys? I know Maro can make it, he'll be in town for spring break, but I wanted to verify it with everyone.

Also, please email me if you haven't and let me know an email address you check every day or two so we can communicate more easily and don't have a snafu like last time (I apologize, that was my fault, my organizational skills are covered in dust).

Tiger, if you have it finished, could you shoot me a run down of your character just so I know what to expect and can figure out how to kill all of your characters mercilessly in unique and twisted ways?


Degolar said...

OK, so I've said I'm planning on it and obviously Aerin is. Anyone else? Some kind of confirmation would be nice.

Leelu said...

Crap. Our reliable overnight babysitting is going out of town for the weekend. We'll get back to you. :\

Lummox said...

Can we make it? Yes we can!
Will we make it? Depends on luck. If we get hit by a truck on the way, then no, but barring that. Yes.

I think I am thinking this one out a bit much.

Aerin said...

'ware the blue Camaro.

Aerin said...

That just leaves Tiger...who may be dead...I'm not sure. Conditional on he who is him getting back to me we should be good to go on Saturday night, I'll try to post a spoiler and if the space feels appropriate a few minor house rules, here in a day or two.

Aerin said...

Spoke with Tiger, so we're good to go, Saturday night, ~6:30pm, my place. If you need directions call me or email me and I'll key you in...I'm literally just down the road from Lackman, as Chris can attest.