Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I laughed so hard I choked

But I am one sick puppy.

Read this.

Remember, this is a real rule being explored. No pun intended.

Make sure to read the comments. It's where the true genius lies. Such as this stat working:

I can get to +96 with Take 10 by 20th-level.

23 skill ranks
+13 Dexterity (36 dexterity: 18 base, +2 halfling, +5 stat boosts, +5 stat tomes, +5 gloves of dexterity)
+23 item familiar (69 skill ranks placed into item familiar)
+30 custom ring
+2 Llira's Blessing (Player's Guide to Faerun, page 176)
+2 Agile
+3 Skill Focus (escape artist)
Total = +96 Escape Artist bonus (with Take 10 assuming you have levels in Exemplar)

Future DMs, quake with fear! And mild to moderate revulsion. I'll just be giggling my sick little butt off in the corner.


Gobula said...

Kilminsk is intrigued.

Leelu said...

As I knew he would be.

Degolar said...

Rules lawyers . . .

*shakes head in disgust*

Degolar said...

I'm not disgusted by the subject matter, mind you, but by the blatant manipulation of numbers in the face of all logic and realism. I've seen contortionists who could dislocate joints and fit themselves into something like a 2' x 2' cube, but it's impossible to fit through something smaller than your skull. Perhaps if you are altering your physical reality through magic, but not by the simple acquisition of skill points through practice and experience. The very rule is absurd. The rules are meant to provide some logic and consistency to the game, and something like this is pure stupidity.

Leelu said...

Epic level rules are inherently broken. The universe cannot contain that much awesomeness, and as such, reality cracks under the strain. If you look at the skill, it also shows a DC 120 for passing through a Wall of Force. Something smaller than your skull is cheesecake by comparison. Hence "only" being DC 80.

Tiger said...

Well, original epic rules are 3.0 and are kinda wonky anyhow.