Friday, March 14, 2008

The beginning of the end

A gaunt man in priest robes stands behind an altar, addressing his congregation. His robes are stained and disheveled and his eyes are glassy, and unfocused. In a shrill, breathless voice he calls out, “My children, a true miracle has occurred! As you know, my poor son was struck down by evil a short time ago, but with the blessings of the heavens he has returned to me! Rejoice my brethren! Doru, come, join us!"

A door in the entry hall of the small church swings open and a barely recognizable monstrosity of stitched together limbs shambles out, carrying with it the charnel reek of decay and ruin. The monster lumbers forward several steps as women scream in terror and men recoil in horror. “No, do not be alarmed my children, look upon my dear, sweet Doru…do you not all recognize the miracle that stands before you?!” the man shouts the last out, flecks of spittle flying from his mouth. One parishioner, desperate to escape, charges the unholy creation and thrusts a dagger into its belly, causing the monstrous creation to open its mouth. However, rather than emitting a shout of pain, a noxious black cloud spews forth, filling the air. The screams intensify as people inhale the fumes, clawing at their necks as dark lines start to streak under their skins where their veins trace paths. The screams fade as the congregation begins to slide lifelessly to the ground.

“Doru…Doru…what have they done! Oh, oh my poor son, what did they do to you, did they frighten you? Are you hurt?” the crazed man shambles forward, oblivious to the groans of the dying around him. “Demons, foul evil were they, to not praise such a miracle. Its ok my dear boy, no reason to be mournful, they were not righteous, and so they were cast down. Now come, let us go and see about that wound…” The priest shuffles forward, propelling the decaying monstrosity back through the door it emerged from, leaving the corpse-strewn nave behind him.

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Oooh, very nice. I'm gonna feel bad about bumping your post down.